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On the 22nd of september at LFW Katie Eary presented her spring/summer collection 2011. The collection was produced through the medium of installation as part of the designer support initiative NEWGEN MEN.
According to Dazed Digital Eary describes her creative sources for the colletion: “My inspiration derives from a book called Velvet Machine – A ‘how to’ book – to feed and Preen your dog to be a fighter (a velvet machine). Savage beasts and the comparison to Punk anarchists.”

Eary has been redifining the way we dress for a while now. Whilst developing the modern masculinity we love to love she throws in an intensity that can only be achieved in london with an androgyny which contradicts the whole idea of how a man should look.
Through this collection she's thrown the fun back into fashion, whilst adding a little bit of drama here an there. But realisticly who's going to argue, some sexy bitches in some sexy clothes havin' a little punch up...not me. The bottom line is eary has it so right, not only are the clothes perfectly crafted, they're contemporary beyond their time, without trying to prove anything, you can tell as a designer it comes all so naturally to Eary, she extends her creative talents by producing her work in a artistic form. Everything she does seems to be an extention of her un-deniable talent and she just seems to get clothes, get men and get sex.


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  1. Saw her work at fashion week, absolutely loved it! great post, what shows did you see at lfw?


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