P r o f i l e 03.

next up on week three of sometimes we exists designer of the week special...KOMAKINO.
currently represented by blow pr this designer has got everything we wanted, needed and desired from a new young designer.

The brand mixes a lot of signiture classic pieces with abstract and androgynous silhouettes. the predominant colour being black, komakino manages to create a romanticism similar to galliano but on the streets of l.a with an army surplus store instead of a fabric warehouse...

although keeping elements of london, it's almost apparent that the influence for this collection is inspired by roots from elsewhere in the big wide world. think a young yohji yamomoto, pre-fucking it all up with tracksuits and footballers etc etc...

in conclusion, i wouldnt go as far to say the clothes are sexy or typically adrogynous like previous designers featured, but more charming and masculine! it's always good to fuck things around a little...



        almost died when i saw these louboutin slippers.

P r o f i l e .02

On the 22nd of september at LFW Katie Eary presented her spring/summer collection 2011. The collection was produced through the medium of installation as part of the designer support initiative NEWGEN MEN.
According to Dazed Digital Eary describes her creative sources for the colletion: “My inspiration derives from a book called Velvet Machine – A ‘how to’ book – to feed and Preen your dog to be a fighter (a velvet machine). Savage beasts and the comparison to Punk anarchists.”

Eary has been redifining the way we dress for a while now. Whilst developing the modern masculinity we love to love she throws in an intensity that can only be achieved in london with an androgyny which contradicts the whole idea of how a man should look.
Through this collection she's thrown the fun back into fashion, whilst adding a little bit of drama here an there. But realisticly who's going to argue, some sexy bitches in some sexy clothes havin' a little punch up...not me. The bottom line is eary has it so right, not only are the clothes perfectly crafted, they're contemporary beyond their time, without trying to prove anything, you can tell as a designer it comes all so naturally to Eary, she extends her creative talents by producing her work in a artistic form. Everything she does seems to be an extention of her un-deniable talent and she just seems to get clothes, get men and get sex.


d i a r y !

got a shoot this saturday with my gurll rhiannon jones'and bro patrick church. Rhiannon the owner of none stop amazing brand bolshie! dunno the  magazine but def know theres gonna be some smackin' crackin' and whackin'....not to mention the eyebrows!! full update on sunday!



This being your weekly profile look at the designers that have sometimes we exist all hot under the collar right now! Whats in, whats out and whos about it's all here for you....!

although briefly mentioned before, we really didnt do him any justice, after being totally obsessed with his s/s 11 collection for almost a month now we had to do a full profile on the amazing menswear designer!

Here are a few pictures from his s/s 2011 collection from the andras ridovics editorial!

Larsen  graduated in 2009 with a BA menswear degree from London College of Fashion!

In a year his beautiful and obscenely dominant clothing has enjoyed vast amounts of media coverage for all the right reasons!

Larsen is inspired by historic events like the last Coronation of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and heroic movie figures such as Terminator.He explores expressions of masculine strength and the pieces are marked by hard contrasts. Stiff structures are contrasted by a silhouette that morphs .two opposite ideas: the voluminous and the slim. This dichotomy is also reflected through futuristic materials such as leather, PVC and rubber cords.'

The reasons why we live Larsen so much are purely because of the sheer adrogony sometimes we exist just loves to love but also because he's bringin' sexy back not only in the timberlake term but literally aswell! The harsh materials enhance power and domincance whilst his slender male models and tight leather shorts contrast quite the opposite! sexy bitches.


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