i l o v e . . .


Esp. her mens classic collection.
she's a jewlzz designer from NYC and has some amazing pieces. they're a bit brutal without being overtly obvious and she totally has that whole romanticism thing going on...
You can tell she's an american designer but IT'S OKAY because she manages to develop techniques and styles from europe and elsewhere in the world.

My favourite pieces are her claw cuffs and what i really admire is that she has taken time to develop mens jewellery away from the norm and you can tell she has sat down and thought outside of the box, not only this but she manages to create edgy pieces with class and elegance, time, precision and care.
visit her website now, she has an online store aswell as stocking on net-a-porter.


5 t h i n g s m a k i n g . . .

...us happy this week!

1. Terry and Jersey Shore
2.Sam Adams and Hedi Slimane

3.Jean Paul gaultier for dr martens

4.Margiella eyewear
5.janine butcher pilling stacey and the kids...but not ryan

f o u r l o o k s y o u w a n t . . .

by william richard green!
numero uno

numero deux

numero trois

numero quatre

ok i realise my numeros and my numbers are all mixed up, my culture in terms of foreign language is limited...unlike this collection. these are my 4 favourite looks from his s/s 11 collection. it all seems a little bit naughty to me...



q a s i m i h o m m e

my new favourite menswear designer quasimi has developed menswear for the modern MAN. he contrasts stiff structure with loose fabric and knows how to create a silhouette. He introduces many different textures and fabric one would never think to include all in the same show....but fuck it, he makes it work.
One thing qasimi includes which i velieve is paramount when thinking of designing a menswear collection is tailoring and he's pretty sharp with it at that. i read somewhere he takes inspiration from 'rural wilderness of a cross-cultural desert trek through time' but i don't really care i just think he makes fucking sexy clothes, for sexy men.


l a n v i n f o r h & m

ok ok so the range has been out for what seems like 25 years now but to be honest i'm not crazy about the collection, BUT the one thing that's actually got me exicted is how they've now customised some of the looks and auctioned them off for unicef now i think chairty is such a drag so i have nothing else to write on the subject, and it's womanswear aswell so im not 100% interested...anyway here are some snapshotzzz...

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