Y S L SS 11

 recently i was browsin' the internet and found these amazing photos by stephan moskovic from the ss 11 range, not only one of my favourite brands but my favourite designer stefano pilati...and for an extra hidden treat, freja beha erichssen has been sneaked in there somewhere.

etc etc enjoy enjoy...

m y t o p f i v e..

it's ALMOST february and this means lfw and my top 5 designers i am in desperate need of seeing are:
1-rhiannon jones my goood goood friend, designer of bolshie
2-todd lynn womanswear
3-ziad ghanem for his raw artistic ability
4-charlie le mindu because i wanna know how he's gonna top his naked and oh so coiffeured models of last season
5-zhandra rhodes...because when in london you just have to...

k e l l y a n n a i l l u s t r a t i o n s

part one.

w i l l i a m r i c h a r d g r e e n

william richard green s/s 2011 video on dazed digital

h a p p y n e w y e a r

Okay so after a long long festive break from any writing or working or anything you can do when only in a sober frame of mind I am now back for my frist piece in the new year. Despite downing half of europes vodka and most of the worlds wine right up untill last night, I am just about ready and think this is the right time to write something.

Okay so a new year and nearly a new season is upone us, BUT i am not one for throwing everything out everytime a new season arrives so this piece is dedicated entirely to a designer i believe we should all be taking from this season into next and right through this new year esp. into SUMA.

Felipe Rojas Llanos.

First off, here are my top 3 looks from his s/s 11 collection:

I'm not necessarily too pleases with the styling but each individual piece is perfect to wear with any outfit, i dare not use the phrases 'key' or 'signature' pieces' in any serious sentence BUT you know what I mean...you can whip 'em out whenever with whatever, they're literally the easiest items to wear without looking easy...not too sure about the shoes though...

i l o v e . . .


Esp. her mens classic collection.
she's a jewlzz designer from NYC and has some amazing pieces. they're a bit brutal without being overtly obvious and she totally has that whole romanticism thing going on...
You can tell she's an american designer but IT'S OKAY because she manages to develop techniques and styles from europe and elsewhere in the world.

My favourite pieces are her claw cuffs and what i really admire is that she has taken time to develop mens jewellery away from the norm and you can tell she has sat down and thought outside of the box, not only this but she manages to create edgy pieces with class and elegance, time, precision and care.
visit her website now, she has an online store aswell as stocking on net-a-porter.


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