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Okay so after a long long festive break from any writing or working or anything you can do when only in a sober frame of mind I am now back for my frist piece in the new year. Despite downing half of europes vodka and most of the worlds wine right up untill last night, I am just about ready and think this is the right time to write something.

Okay so a new year and nearly a new season is upone us, BUT i am not one for throwing everything out everytime a new season arrives so this piece is dedicated entirely to a designer i believe we should all be taking from this season into next and right through this new year esp. into SUMA.

Felipe Rojas Llanos.

First off, here are my top 3 looks from his s/s 11 collection:

I'm not necessarily too pleases with the styling but each individual piece is perfect to wear with any outfit, i dare not use the phrases 'key' or 'signature' pieces' in any serious sentence BUT you know what I mean...you can whip 'em out whenever with whatever, they're literally the easiest items to wear without looking easy...not too sure about the shoes though...

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