s h o r t l i s t e d !

here are the top 5 places in te big smoke smetimes we exist just can not get enough of!

NUMERO UNO : old hat. 66 fulham highstreet, sw6 3lq.

for every man woman or child who buys vintage clothing we all know there are some gems and there are also some of the shittest shops around. But fear no more (men anyway) old hat on fullham road caters for the modern man with the not so modern clothing fetish! full of amazing vinatage menswear, without a scrap of shit, top shelf bargain bin to be found.

NUMBER TWO: 59. 59 Broadwick street, w1f 9qq

we all know swe has a thing for concept stores, galleries, clothing blah blah blah. well 59 is one step ahead or so it seems. with the most exquisite lines you better be careful where you stand because for all you know you're probaby ripping down an instillation piece.
NUMBER THREE: annies vintage costumes and textiles. 12 camden passage, n18ed.

ok so old hat was specifically for men but copy and paste that passage, replace the word man with woman and throw in a couple of show stoppin' dresses and you have annies. another protest in the war against shit vintage shops in london.
NUMBER FOUR: matches marylebone. 87 marylebone highstreet, w1u 4qu.

This is my preferred matches store as it seems so much more relaxed. the clothes follow this mantra as it's somewhere you can go to buy easy to wear, amazing quality, beautiful clothing. it really is that simple. admitadly the price tag is not, but whats a week without eating going to do when you're wearing a beautiful coat?
NUMBER FIVE: hoxton boutique. 2 hoxton street, n1 6ng.
this is one of my favourites, not only for its stocking of the most inovative designers but the shop just has a nice feel. your relaxed, you actulally can be bothered to shop in here. theres really not much else to say..it gives you the will to carry on...literally.

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  1. great post, had a look at few loved them! keep these coming!


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